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VfB Stuttgart OFC's in America

Scroll below to find out information about the different OFC's in the U.S. of A.!


VfB Central Texas

Led by Josh and Jens and based in the Austin, Texas area!


VfB Youngstown

A regional fan club under the Americana umbrella, Casual Pint in Youngstown is their watch party location!

VfB Ofc Cleveland.png

VfB Cleveland

Another regional fan club under the VfB Americana banner, VfB Cleveland hosts monthly watch parties at various Cleveland locales!  Check their information page out here!


VfB Omaha

The longest standing OFC in the U.S.A., they were formed November 9th, 2010, and are an Official OFC, "OFC American Stuttgart Fans."  Based in Omaha under the leadership of Peter, get in touch if you're in the Nebraska area!

VfB OFC's in the U.S.A.: As Seen In
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