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VfB v SVW ... 1:0 and No More "R" Words!

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Matchday 27

In Part One of this episode, Travis, Aus, and Jeffrey break down the big VfB win at home versus Werder Bremen and promise to never use the "R" word again ... at least THIS season! We then continue to sing the praises ONCE AGAIN of a certain much-maligned midfielder, and steal from a 1960s western to give our analysis some semblance of organization. In Part Two, we preview next week's match versus BvB before previewing all of next week's action, including our requisite Hennes rant by co-host Jeffrey. Along the way we give our fans exactly what they've come to love - mispronounced names and horrific sound quality! We dare you to listen! Photo courtesy of

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