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VfB @ SGE ... 1:1 & chatting with EFCIndy!

Matchday 24

In this episode, Austin and Jeff join us as, in Part One, we recap matchday 24's 1:1 draw versus one of the hottest teams in all the Bundesliga. In Part Two, we chat with EFC Indy supporter Amanda about the match and her club, Eintracht Frankfurt, and get some insight into what's what in the land of Apfelwein! Finally, in Part Three, we preview VfB's match at home next week versus Hoffenheim and then dive into our league-wide matchday 25 predictions! Along the way, we end with Jeff's requisite rant about his Billy Goats and hear about Austin's conspiracy theory involving Streich and Nagelsmann! Thanks to all involved, especially Amanda and @EFCIndy for saving the episode!

@EFCindy, @HennesLover, @SGEVFB, @VFB, @U_SCF_Society

Photo, Stuttgarts Stürmer Silas Wamangituka gegen Frankfurts Abwehrspieler Evan Ndicka, courtesy of Foto: dpa/Thomas Frey

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