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FCB v VfB ... 4:0 and talking with #FCBMKE!

Matchday 26 Episode

In Part One of this episode, Aus and Travis do all they can to ignore the actual results of the #FCBVFB match by discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly of Saturday's results before pondering the meaning of Bayern week, potential Europa Conference qualification, injuries, and the enigma that is ... Philipp #Förster. In Part Two, with the help of Jeff from #FCBMKE, a Milwaukee based official Bayern supporters group, we finally acknowledge the actual game and try to see if there's any way possible that Jeff can make us feel good about what transpired at Allianz Arena. In Part Three, we preview matchday 27's #VFBSVW duel, Jeffrey returns just in-time for his weekly #Effzeh rant as we give our league-wide predictions, and we end our episode by asking "what we learned" ... about garbage time!

And don't worry, for especially in Part Three, we have plenty of what we are known for ... some of the worst sound quality around! We DARE you to listen! WE DARE YOU!

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