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Episode 62 - VfB:BOC ... 4:1 and winning ugly!

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In episode 62, Matt and Travis are so giddy with excitement they forget it's actually episode 62, instead repeatedly calling it number 63, as they cover all the big - and small news - of the past week!

In Part One, Matt and Travis talk their favorite #27's, the surprising benching of Hiroki, the fantastic play of Enzo, and whether stand-in manager #WinWithWimmer actually changed ... anything? Part One ends with a break-down of the ugliest match of the season ... that just so happened to be the most beautiful result of the season, as Luca's whiff, Bochum's game plan, Silas' return, and Sven's goal of "1st" place are all covered.

In Part Two, Hannes joins the program once again to help provide some info on how non-German speaking - or reading - American's can get some detailed info on one of the most drama-filled clubs in all of Europe, our beloved VfB. Thanks to Hannes, we get some perspective on resources both in Germany and in Stuttgart, that are available to those of us across the pond before wrapping up by throwing a shout out to the one-time biggest VfB podcasts in all of the VfB universe, VfB STR with Riky and Sebastian. And then embarrassingly try to bask in their glory.

In Part Three, Matt returns from his break to help deal with Headlines and Questions. Headlines include picking between Alfred, Jess, or ... Wimmer (?!) as the new manager while questions include whether the Bochum win is a turning point, if Silas is back, and what the Pokal lineup should look like.

Part Four wraps up episode 62 with predictions on the Pokal match versus a struggling Bielefeld and then the weekend match at Dortmund. Surprisingly, both Matt and Travis end on an incredibly uncomfortably positive note, which should cause fear in the hearts of all true VfB supporters.

Speaking of fear, give it a listen!


Intro - 0:00-4:10

Part One - 4:17-22:10

Part Two - 22:20-50:45

Part Three - 50:55-1:12:15

Part Four - 1:12:25-end

OFC Man of the Match

Congratulations to Silas for not only earning his second OFC MOTM award, but for gaining the most votes and enjoying the most lopsided tally yet!

Matchday #10 = Silas

Matchday #9 = Hiroki

Matchday #8 = Dino

Matchday #7 = Hiroki

Matchday #6 = Serhou

Matchday #5 = Waldemar

Matchday #4 = Flo

Matchday #3 = LEGEndo

Matchday #2 = Silas

Matchday #1 = Flo

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