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Episode #53 - SVW:VfB ... 2:2 and still undefeated!


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Question: After the first half, was VfB lucky to get a point? After the second half, was VfB unlucky to get a point?

Answer: Yes!

In Part One, Matt and Travis ponder the biggest question of the day - armadillo's or possum's, which is more frightening? They then break down the recent match versus SVW asking if it was a point gained or two points lost. Along the eway, we praise Bremen's play, give kudos to Silas and Sasa, ponder Tiago's lineup status, and finally praise the fellas - and Captain Endo - for their resilient play.

In Part Two, the fellas take a look at the upcoming match versus local rival - or not? - Freiburg, and have some optimism despite four straight Bundesliga losses to the darlings of the league! They then tackle the biggest news in Europe - no, not the Ronaldo to BVB rumours but instead the Darko to England facts (or Belgium ... they keep forgetting)! In the end, they both agree that Freiburg isn't the big Stuttagart rival - yet - but then conclude by answering who they feel VfB's rival really is!

In Part Three, Austin joins to give his predictions for the upcoming Bundesliga matchday three and explain why, despite being winless on the season, he still believes Leverkusen will win the league! (hint: because he's dumb)

Part One - 0:00-26:22

Part Two - 26:27-34-13

Part Three - 34:18-47:40

The OFC VfB Stuttgart Man of the Match!

In a close vote just edging out his midfield teammate Wataru Endo, Silas' first goal in over a season won the vote of the OFC! Congrats Silas on an award you've most likely never heard about!

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