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Episode 51: 2022/2023 Preview ... and we're back!


In episode 51 ... we are back!

Through the magic of editing, Austin, Jeff, Matt, and Travis are all on the same episode ... at the same'ish time!

Austin and Jeff react to the news that VfB will be in the U.S.A. in November while Matt and Travis immediately mis-pronounce one of the best kit sponsors in the Bundesliga, JAKO, as they pay homage to the new home and away kits before Travis body-shames Matt. With that kind of start, you know episode 51 is gonna be as good as ... usual!

In the first half of Part One, Matt breaks the club down from top to bottom, as Travis asks who is the key player in several areas. High praise is giving to Sven and 'Rino in management, Dino and Ito in defense, Endo and "A Person to Be Named Later" in the midfield, and Darko and Sasa in attack. And in a shocking turn of events Matt, despite his reservations, even gives praise to one of the three "F's" at goal! Along the way, drama in the front office, Florian vs. Gregor, BSC's Kempf and his penalty taking skills, Karazor, Darko, old friend Zorniger, and that one "Little Blond Guy" who scored a somewhat important goal a few years ago versus Argentina are all discussed as well.

In the second half of Part One (shouldn't this be Part Two?), the guys look at the upcoming schedule, debate Sven's declaration that "13th place is our 1st place," give season predictions, mock Bayern's five-star kit, and finally give their thoughts on the upcoming home match versus Super Cup runners-up RBL.

In Part Two (or Part Three?), Austin and Jeff break down the entire Bundesliga as they look at the table from top to bottom, Bayern to Bochum, and give some special attention to Freiburg, Hennes, VfB, and Austin's inability to pronounce anything at anytime.

It's the longest episode to date, which clearly means it's ... well ... it exists!

Introduction: 0:00-7:36

Part 1 & The VfB Breakdown: 7:39-1:10:18 Part 2 & The Bundesliga Breakdown: 1:10:21 to end

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