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Episode 50 - VfB:KOE ... 2:1 and staying up!

Updated: May 19, 2022

In our 50th podcast we barely contain our excitement in one of our most unorganized, disorganized, and simply not organized episodes ever as we celebrate VfB surviving the Bundesliga in classic VfB dramatic fashion! In Part One, Jeff joins us to give us a view of the match from a Köln point of view. Jeff tells us how he wore his "good luck" kit in honor of Stuttgart, his thoughts about the match, the special "spirit of '92" kit, the chances made and missed, Sven's rock-band looks, Endo's redemption, and how ultimately, he's the voice of VfB reason. In Part Two, Matt joins us to talk about the match from a VfB supporter's perspective as he and Travis go through the match "moment-by-moment," trying to decide which moment - Hertha taking the early lead, Endo's misses, Tiago's substitution, BVB's comeback, Endo's make - was the most memorable in what turned out to be a memorable day. In Part Three, Jeff returns to help break down the upcoming relegation matches that VfB happily doesn't have to worry about before letting everyone know exactly how much Travis has lost wagering against his beloved club.

It's a chaotic episode befitting a chaotic club!


Part One - The Match from a KOE Point of View - 0'-25:57

Part Two - The Match from a VfB Point of View - 26:07-1:05:17

Part Three - Predictions with HennesLover - 1:05:27-1:18.02

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