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Episode 49 - FCB:VfB ... 2:2 and you're saying there's a chance!

Matt and Travis start their 49th episode by debating who wore kit #21 better - Klement or Pavard - and unsurprisingly, coming up with the wrong answer. In Part 1, the guys discuss if VfB was lucky or unlucky, sing the praises - as they always have - of the Stuttgart goal keeper, celebrate Sosa and Sasa at least one more time, and praise Derek Rae for nailing the most explosive offensive trio in all of football - Coulibaly, Thommy, and Förster! In Part 2, the new special 1992 kit is explored while in Part 3 predictions are made regarding the huge last match of the season, VfB hosting Hennes ... for all the Bundesliga marbles!

Unless Hertha wins.

Then it doesn't matter.

Kind of like this episode!


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