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Episode 48 - VfB:WOB ... 1:1 and still a chance!

In episode 48, Matt and Travis break down the most recent match before answering the age old debate - Philipp Förster or Christian Gentner?! In Part One, the home draw versus Wolfsburg is discussed as is John Brooks, defensive breakdowns on set pieces, the lack of offense anywhere, and Travis' ability to nail the contributions of Enzo Millot even before they took place. In Part Two, the guys talk VfB's potential versus Freiburg's reality, Felix Magath's criticisms versus Bayern Munich, and VfB's point total versus DSC's point total over the remaining two matches. In Part Three, Matt and Travis make a surprising pick in the VfB match at Bayern, hope that Bochum shows up big versus Bielefeld, and ask all the American-based Bayern fans to buy a beverage for that lonely Stuttgart fan at the end of the bar.

And they edit none of it!


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