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Episode 47 - BSC:VfB ... 2:0 and grown men crying...

Join Matt and Travis as they break down the most disappointing defeat of the season, the 2:0 loss at Hertha Berlin. In Part One, the fellas reminisce about Mario Gomez's goals, Kevin Großkreutz's tutelage, and Timo Werner's whining before doing some whining of there own when taking a look back at BSC:VfB. Questions are asked regarding Müller's status, Mata's coaching, Sven's squad planning, the supporter's losing faith, Endo's leadership, grown men crying, and how Travis nailed the "surprise impact player of the season," Marc-Oliver Kempf. In Part Two, questions from Ben, Robin, and Reddit are pondered which means the conversation obviously turns towards ... Nicolas Cage. In Part Three, the now enormous VfB:WOB match is predicted, the guys breathe a sigh of relief when they find out the Tipp-Kick prediction, Travis makes a bold purchase promise, and then they discuss the biggest news in all the Bundesliga - Freiburg's Pokal trip, Bayern's 10th title in a row, and demand the DFB deduct 60 points from Effzeh due to Anthony Modeste's illegal coffee celebration!


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