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Episode 42 - FCU:VfB ... 1:1 and Sosa to Sasa ... again!

Matt joins us as we talk about the late draw at Union Berlin and give some praise to the Union fans before ripping their team apart for complaining about the officiating. In Part One we break down the match, ask how Dino is playing, praise Mata’s tactical changes, and give some applause to the return of Mangala before Travis’ undying support of Sasa proves to be the difference in the match! We also break down the amazing Sosa to Sasa connection and the Union Berlin complaints regarding the officiating, the fouls, and yet another late Stuttgart comeback. In Part Two, we cover headlines such as the status of the youth teams, the VfB connection with Hertha's struggles, and thank all that is holy we aren't them. We then finish up our middle segment by answering questions regarding relegation, which players we’d keep next season, and then we all shout “HOORAY VfB!” as we pit RustOleum versus Red Stripe in the battle to be the new sponsor VfB. In Part Three we predict the upcoming match at home versus Augsburg before giving our thoughts on the upcoming Mexica v. USA derby and give the kids a lesson - never take a banana to a banana tree fight.

Confused? US TOO!

Hooray VfB!


Part One - 0-26:00

Part Two - 26:00-41:30

Part Three 41-30-end

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