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Episode 41 - VfB:BMG ... 3:2 and some good luck!

In this episode, Matt and Travis get giddy over the first VfB win of 2022 and celebrate the return of the phrase "Sosa to Sasa!". In Part One, we talk the players, the support, and pretty much anything colored white and red and with a brustring before moving on to the match itself. Along the way we ask if the lineup is now set even without Mangala, ponder Coulibaly's bicycle kick attempt, discuss the fan support - or lack thereof - towards keeper Florian Müller, and this new thing called "good luck" before we wrap up with a look at the bottom of the table and the teams surrounding VfB. In Part Two, Matt gives us an update on the Discord fan scene, we dive into some questions regarding whether this match is a catalyst and whether the Curve made a difference, and then wrap up with some headline making news ... including wondering aloud "Why hasn't Red Stripe sponsored this team yet?" Part Three end's with a look at the upcoming match at Union Berlin where Matt makes a bold prediction after Travis praises himself for his TippKick skills before both question why anyone would listen to this podcast.



Part One - 0-30:06

Part Two - 30:06-37:36

Part Three - 37:36-end

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