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Episode 40 - TSG:VFB ... 2:1 and wood chopping

In episode 40, we're joined by Matt as we break down the most recent hard-fought, gut-wrenching defeat, this time to Baden-Württemberg rivals TSG Hoffenheim. Part One highlights the amazing away support, the newest lineup, and poor Pellegrino's inability to make a non-injury related substitution nowadays. Part Two attempts to answer the most questions we've ever tried - emphasis on "tried" - to answer, including questions about injuries, haunted players, dark coaching clouds, dropped points, and obviously origami versus wood chopping as a way to sooth our nerves. We wrap up this episode in Part Three with a relatively simple, if somewhat unconvincing, explanation as to why VfB will emerge victorious - finally! - against BMG next week! Finally, we wrap up by thanking our listeners for joining in the misery.

If that doesn't get you fired up to listen, what will?!


Part 1 - 0-19:59

Part 2 - 19:59-36:14

Part 3 - 36:14-end

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