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Episode 39 - VfB:BOC ... 1:1 and here we go again...

In this episode we surprise Matt as we officially bequeath VfB Stuttgart Americana co-host status upon him! Or blame him for being part of the podcast. Or both! In Part One, Travis admits he didn't even watch the match so he checks out the #VfBBOC stats to pepper Matt, who actually did watch the match, with all kinds of questions about the disappointing home draw. In Part Two, the fellas answer listener questions, discuss Silas' and "I am Spartacus," check out the Discord and Reddit scene, and go pro and con on issues such as Bayern's dominance, red cards, penalty kicks, and - gulp - relegation. In Part Three, both predict the impossible - a VfB victory on Friday! - even though Matt forgets who we are actually playing.

Part 1 - 0'-18:18

Part 2 - 18:18-40:41

Part 3 - 40:40-end


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