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Episode 37 - VfB:SGE ... 2:3 and the drought is over!

Episode 37 celebrates the end of the VfB scoring drought in style! In Part One, Matt joins us to balance the initial optimism of matchday 21 with the residual disappointment of the final result before we then ask everyone to stop listening to us and instead head over to the Hey Eintracht podcast as they did a much better job of analyzing the match with the help of the amazing Derek Rae. In Part Two, Matt and Travis try to answer who is at fault for VfB's current predicament by going "Good Cop, Bad Cop" on Sven, Pellegrino, and the entire roster. In Part Three, listener questions are answered as Matt urns for the return of the Mario Gomez Button while in Part Four, the guys predict the upcoming match at Leverkusen and ponder how much aspirin they'll need after matchday 22. All that and annoying sound quality!


Part One - 0:00-17:08

Part Two, Three, and Four - 17:17-End

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