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Episode 36 - SCF:VfB ... 2:0 and looking down...


Photo courtesy SWR Sport

In this episode we are joined in Part One by resident Freiburg supporter Austin who helps us break down yet another disappointing performance, this time a listless 2:0 loss on the road. In a fairly passive-aggressive segment, Austin tells us why, "by the letter of the law" VfB should have been granted a penalty kick but why he agrees with the VAR decision to overturn the penalty kick.

In Part Two, Matt joins us as we try to talk each other off the ledge by going over the big storylines that are dominating the VfB news of late, including the departure of Kempf, the rumors surrounding Sosa to Chelsea, Bayern's links to Dino, and the club's team-building trip to Spain where we recommend the boys head out for a few beverages to fix all the team's problems. We then weigh in on what our dream line-up would be after the break as well as our incredibly uninformed views on the current pandemic attendance issues taking place in the Bundesliga. The segment ends with us mispronouncing the name of VfB's newest sponsor, JAKO, before praising their kits and then celebrate the fact that VfB is at the top of at least one table - the insult table!

Part One - 0-30:29

Part Two - 30:39-end

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