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Episode 35 - VfB:RBL ... 0:2 and gelling!


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In Part One, Austin rejoins the podcast to help us break down the home loss to RB Leipzig and gives us his thoughts on the non-call against Alexis Tibidi in the RBL box in his "Are you REFFING kidding me?!" segment before we hand out our first ever Rust-Oleum (unofficial) Player of the Match award in which Austin will somehow incorporate the 1980s film Buckaroo Banzai into the conversation. In Part Two, we cover News & Storylines and talk players leaving, injuries, value, relegation, and old friends (what up, Gonzalo Castro?!). Part Three lasts all of 10 seconds as we have no questions this week so we rapidly move into Part Four and our predictions for the HUGE match at Freiburg next weekend! Along the we talk about the "positivity of family," Hikori Ito's Canadian relatives, listen to Travis groan at the thought of Gonzalo sending VfB to 2.B, hear what Travis and Austin are putting on the line for their personal derby match, and have Austin wrap up the episode by "Talking Travis off the Ledge." All that and a random guitar solo and a shameless plug for a new hair product sponsor!

Part One - 0-15:06 Part Two - 15:06-17:06 Part Three - 17:12-23:12 Part Four - 23:13-22:24 Part Five - 23:24-end

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