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Episode 34 - SGF:VfB ... 0:0 and positive thinking!

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

In this episode, we travel deep to the heart of Texas and talk to Josh and Jens, two supporters who are both from Stuttgart - one from Germany and one from America (?!) who head the VfB Central Texas supporters group! We first dive into their VfB origin stories before finding out what the soccer, MLS, and Bundesliga scene is like in the middle of Texas. Then, in Part One we get Josh and Jens’ thoughts on the first half of the season before jumping into the disappointing 0:0 draw at Furth. Along the way, we take a look at the lineup, give some love to Stenzel, Kempf, and Müller, and celebrate the return of Sasa while at the same time giving some imaginary game balls to two defenders for helping the club at least maintain a point on the road. In Part Two, not only do we discuss the upcoming home match versus Leipzig, Josh and Jens help, in our newest segment, to "Talk Travis off the Ledge" with their positivity regarding not only the Leipzig match but the season as a whole! In Part Three, friend of the show Matt joins us to answer the most listener questions WE'VE EVER HAD (um ... four) as we both try to convince everyone (and ourselves) to "trust the process." In Part Four we predict the upcoming Bundesliga match day 19 results that matter to VfB before ending by discussing "What we Learned" about Sasa's gentlemanly behavior and how Travis, Matt, and Sasa aren't that different after all.


Part 1 & 2 with Josh and Jens: 0:00-39:28

Part 3 & 4 with Matt: 39:38-finish

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