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Episode 33 - VfB Hinrunde Review & Rückrunde + Fürth Preview!

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In this episode Rob joins us as we review the results of our VfB Holiday Hinrunde Review and preview the Rückrunde! In Part One, we summarize our Hinrunde Report cards and see where the club ranks (at least in the eyes of super knowledgable* Americans). In Part Two, we take a look at some of the big player news heading into the second half of the season, talk about old friend Gonzalo Castro, question how Augsburg is the new "it" club, and wonder if tennis pro Jonas Björkman is really going to the difference maker for Hertha. Then we take a look look at the upcoming matches month by agonizing month, and finally break down Saturday's big big match at Fürth before predicting each and every Bundesliga match this weekend - and then accidently deleting said predictions! Yay technology! Finally we wrap up with "what we learned" about report cards and how Rob was one of the smartest kids, percentage-wise anyway, around.


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