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Episode 30 - KOE:VfB ... 1:0 and in the playoffs!

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In this episode Matt joins us to celebrate VfB ending the hinrunde in the playoffs! Which, as it turns out, is nothing to celebrate. Be that as it may, in part one we break down the last minute loss to Effzeh, compare the threatening crosses of the home team to the toothless dribbling of VfB, discuss the same 'ol same 'ol, ask some uninformed questions about substitution patters, and tip our Baumgart-like cap to Cologne's overall domination of the last match of the first half of the season. In part two we answer a listener question regarding where we'd like to see VfB play and then in part three we play some good old fashioned true or false regarding Florian, Marc, and old friend Gonzalo. Finally we wrap up this podcast by congratulating co-hosts Jeff and Austin on their prediction prowess before predicting the biggest American football match of the year, Green Bay versus Cleveland!

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