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Episode 26 - VfB:M05 ... 2:1 and hail to the victors!


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In Parts 1-3 of Episode 26, our longest episode to date, Matt joins us once again as VfB gets back to that winning feeling at home versus Mainz 05! In an incredibly lengthy review (hey, we haven't won in a while, give us a break), we talk the big 2:1 home win versus Mainz, answer some listener questions about how the team will look once healthy, and preview the upcoming match versus Hertha and old friend Tayfun Korkut. Along the way we celebrate Matt's college victory, ask which VfB players would make great NFL players, and conjure up the memory of former VfB legend, Florian Klein before ending our longest segment ever with Michigan's Hail to the Victors to end our newest segment, "Matt's Lock of the Weak." In Part 4, an ailing Jeff joins us to talk relegation candidates and derby's while in Part 5 and 6 Austin helps us predict the future of the entire Bundesliga before we find out how similar we are to Silas (hint: not at all).

Got 90 minutes to kill? Then join us!

Part 1-3 Review, Questions, and Preview with Matt - 0'-50'

Part 4: RTWJWJ: Relegation and Derby's with Jeff - 51'-1:10

Part 5-6: Predictions and What We Learned with Auz - 1:10-1:37

Dear lord that's a long episode... imagine how long the next one will be if VfB wins two in a row?!

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