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Episode 24 - VfB:DSC ... 0:1 and in the relegation zone...


Photo courtesy of Baumann

In Part One of episode 24, we break down the home loss to Bielefeld by trying to ignore the home loss as much as possible. In Part Two we give our Good, The Bad, and The Ugly breakdown as Austin tries to hijack the show by adding a question and answer period to the segment. We do, in Part Three though, answer some listener questions on who our favorite VfB players of today, yesterday, and possibly tomorrow (?!) before turning to Part Four to get some Random Thoughts with Jeff, with Jeff and get his thoughts on bow-ties, Twitter, and the mighty soccer nation that is Liechtenstein (and destroy your ears as the sound jumps tremendously during that particular poorly made segment). In Part Five we discuss the biggest news and happenings that took place over the international break and then in Part Six we predict the future before ending with Part Seven by talking - and mispronouncing! - the newest VfB striker, Matej Maglica! Join us, if you dare!

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