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Episode 23 - FCA:VfB ... 4:1 and entering the relegation zone...


Picture courtesy imago images

In episode 23 we review the debacle of a result on the road to the Mighty Flaming Acorns, consider which is uglier, the team's form or the team's increasing injury rate, answer a pretty interesting listener question with a less-than interesting answer, get some random thoughts from part-time co-host Jeff, and make our predictions for the increasingly huge VfB match versus Bielefeld. Along the way Auz shocks us by not joining us in criticizing the officials, we apologize to Doug for deleting his contributions, we wonder who is in or who is out of the lineup considering most of the lineup is injured at this point, consider getting Jeff a better cell phone, and consider the usefulness of Tipp-Kick as a predicting mechanism. All that ... AND MORE!

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