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Episode 22 - VfB v. FCU ... 1:1 and dad'bods!


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In this episode we are inspired by VfB's comeback draw versus Union Berlin by coming back ourselves to record despite a sickness that threatens to ruin the episode (which is saying something). In Part One we cover the big draw versus Union and celebrate Karazor's double yellow and actually defend Kempf! In Part Two, we add some sound quality* and provide our Good, The Bad, and The Ugly analysis and celebrate Sven's dad-bod before going to Part Three where Aus answers a listener question regarding our ideal VfB starting lineup by only picking former Freiburg players. INTRIGUING! In Part Four we predict the upcoming weekend match at Augsburg and agree it will be the BIGGEST MATCH OF THE ENTIRE SEASON! And then, in special segment, Jeff joins us to break down the BIGGEST POKAL MATCH OF THE ENTIRE SEASON! Watch your sound as it suddenly gets LOUD! Finally, we wrap up with our predictions on Bundesliga matchday #10 and end with a "What we Learned" segment dedicated to former VfB player Timo Baumgartl.

Oh, and our sound is awful.


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