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Episode 20 - VfB v. TSG ... 3:1 and derby winners?


In this episode - episode 20! - the crew of VfB Americana get together for our first ever in-person sorta-live broadcast in tropical Oklahoma City! That's right, we bring back long lost co-host Jeffrey @HennesLover! We lead off asking the big question - is a Stuttgart versus Hoffenheim match actually a "derby?" Then we break down the big win versus Hoffenheim before previewing the 'Gladbach match after the international break. We then wrap up with answering listener questions (tumbleweeds), predicting the fate of the entire Bundesliga for match day eight! Finally, we conclude with "what we learned," which reveals a surprising lover's triangle! Along the way we give some love to our favorite center back Marc-Oliver Kempf (or apologize to him), wonder at the play of Dino Mavraopanos, question why we're all in Oklahoma City of all places, and mock Travis @Hazelfisch's tennis playing ability! All that and more as we provide you with the most up-to-date mid-American views on VfB Stuttgart complete with some of the most awful sound quality one could ever hope for!

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