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Episode 19 - VfB:B04 ... 1:3 and crisis time?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021


In this episode we go over the shocking pregame news that a big part of VfB won't be at VfB much longer (obviously we mean Philipp Förster's not playing again ... obviously), review the VfB loss to Bayer and a match that was a tale of three parts (even though there are only two half's in football ... hmmm), answer actual listener questions FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, preview the super important match at Bochum, and predict the fate of the entire Bundesliga match day six! Along the way we call out a certain defensive player, the most successful coach we've had in a while, and a fellow O-H-I-O based fan ... because we're spiteful, spiteful people!

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