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Episode 99 - VfB:BVB ... 2:1 and scared of no one?!

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We're back to our winning ways after a two match losing streak which means it's yet another victory pod ... which is something we're definitely getting used to!

Part One Shout Outs go to the ESPN crew for giving VfB the coverage love they oh-so-deserve, the VfB Frauen for yet another dominating performance, and the VfB Central Texas folks for having another watch party, making that two in a row for American supporters in the States.

Part Two is a chaotic look at the close - yet convincing - victory over BVB Dortmund. The guys ponder the enigma that is Dortmund, the depth of VfB, Sebastian's tactics, the return of Serhou, the emergence of Daxo, and this just all around great feeling that's coming out of Stuttgart nowadays.

Part Three is a brief look at News and Headlines and then some Q & A as the guys ponder who from VfB is up next for the national team, what's what with Serhou's future, who should be taking PK's the rest of the season, and why the fellas fear no other team in the league ... other than themselves. What?

Part Four is ... barely a part at all! With two weeks until the next match, the guys skip the usual predictions to briefly chat about the upcoming episode 100, an episode they've had a ton of time to prepare for and yet are still in now way, shape, or form ready to record. Because they're just that prepared!

Episode 99

Introduction - 0:00-1:40

Part One - Shout Outs - 1:50-9:20

Part Two - VfB:BVB - 9:30-34:41

Part Three - News, Headlines, & Questions - 34:51-59:52

Part Four - Episode 100 Ideas - 60:02-end

OFC Man of the Match

Congrats to Maxi Mittelstädt for his first Vice-Man of the Match award as Serhou collected his seventh - seventh! - OFC MOTM award despite only playing a third of the match! Now that's efficiency!

Matchday #11 - VfB:BVB - Serhou/Maxi

Matchday #10 - FCH:VfB - Waldy/Daxo

Pokal Rd. #2 - VfB:FCU - Deniz/Daxo

Matchday #9 - VfB:TSG - Chris/Deniz

Matchday #8 - FCU:VfB - Silas/Alex

Matchday #7 - VfB:WOB - Serhou/Chris

Matchday #6 - KOE:VfB - Deniz/Chris

Matchday #5 - VfB:SVD - Serhou/Enzo

Matchday #4 - M05:VfB - Serhou

Matchday #3 - VfB:SCF - Serhou/Chris

Matchday #2 - RBL:VfB - Serhou

Matchday #1 - VfB:Boc - Serhou/Silas

Pokal Rd. #1 - TSG:VfB - Enzo/Sehrou

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