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Episode 99 - FCU:VfB ... 0:3 and bye bye angstgegner!

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It's another victory pod as Matt and Travis try to balance the happiness of a big win over a bogey team versus the sadness of losing the best striker in all of Europe.


Part One are shout outs to Derek Rae's pronunciation, the VfB Frauen's dominance, the OFC Man of the Match, and the simple fact we aren't Schalke. Yikes.

Part Two looks at the big win over Union Berlin as the guys break down Serhou's play and absence, VfB's reaction to Union's physicality, the role of luck versus quality, how the team's success is impacting individual development, and the family-like atmosphere of the boys in white and red.

Part Three's News, Headlines, and Questions looks at Woo-Yeong's return, Serhou's injury, and why Matt and Travis disagree on how awesome - or disastrous - a top table finish might be for VfB. The segment wraps up with a chat about what we'll do for episode 100 ... which, spoiler alert, isn't much.

The episode ends with Part Four's predictions regarding the next match versus a derby/non-derby team, TSG and old friend 'Rino, as the fellas try to figure out which run of form will continue - TSG's undefeated road streak or VfB's undefeated home streak?


Introduction - 0:00-2:08

Part One - Shout Outs - 2:18-9:54

Part Two - FCU:VfB - 10:04-38:30

Part Three - News, Headlines, & Questions - 38:40-55:19

Part Four - VfB:TSG - 55:29-end

OFC Man of the Match

Congratulations to Silas for earning his first OFC Man of the Match award and congrats for getting off the goal scoring schneid!

Matchday #8 - FCU:VfB - Silas/Alex

Matchday #7 - VfB:WOB - Serhou/Chris

Matchday #6 - KOE:VfB - Deniz/Chris

Matchday #5 - VfB:SVD - Serhou/Enzo

Matchday #4 - M05:VfB - Serhou

Matchday #3 - VfB:SCF - Serhou/Chris

Matchday #2 - RBL:VfB - Serhou

Matchday #1 - VfB:Boc - Serhou/Silas

Pokal Match #1 - TSG:VfB - Enzo/Sehrou

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