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Episode 98 - VfB:FCU and FCH:VfB ... 1:0 and 0:2 and ... streaking?

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In an feeling that's relatively unknown these days, the guys try to figure out how to handle a ... losing streak?! Joining the guys in trying to break the losing feeling is David, on for his third episode, who promises to help bring three points in the coming matches!


Part One starts with shout outs to former VfB'ers Dino and his first (own) goal in the PL, the two watch parties in the USA, and Dan-Axel rocking the man of the match forms of late!

Before they get to the next match, the guys cover the two most recent matches in Part Two, the home win over Union Berlin and then the disappointing road loss at neighborhood newcomer FC Heidenheim. They break the Pokal match down into the "four D's" - desperation, Deniz, defense, and domination - and comment on how the boys in white and red thoroughly took down the struggling team from Berlin. In the end, they give some love to the Pokal and take a peek at the upcoming final 16 opponent, that little club from Dortmund. Part Two then wraps up with a look at the disappointing loss to Heidenheim, a match in which the guys gave it their all, but the depleted roster just wasn't wasn't able to get the desired result. In the end, the guys ponder the form of Silas, the role of luck, and whether it's, as one publication posted, crisis time in Stuttgart!

Hint: It's not.

Part Three is the usual News, Headlines, and Questions, with the main headlines being the return of Serhou, the Porsche money, and kit sponsor WINAMAX making some waves with some odd social media posts. Meanwhile, the guys try to answer questions regarding penalty kicks, missing Enzo, the table placement, and what the roster might look like next season. Oy vey.

The upcoming home match versus BVB wraps up Part Four, with David adding some much needed positivity whereas Travis continues his usual predicting negativity. Which, based on his prediction record of late, may end up being a positive thing!

Episode 98

Introduction - 0:00-1:18

Part One - Shout Outs - 1:28-7:57

Part Two - VfB:FCU & FCH:VfB - 8:07-34:14

Part Three - News, Headlines, & Questions - 34:24-48:50

Part Four - VfB:BVB - 49:00-end

OFC Man of the Match

Congrats to Deniz on his second MOTM award as well as Captain Waldemar Anton for his first nomination!

Matchday #10 - FCH:VfB - Waldy/Daxo

Pokal Match #2 - VfB:FCU - Deniz/Daxo

Matchday #9 - VfB:TSG - Chris/Deniz

Matchday #8 - FCU:VfB - Silas/Alex

Matchday #7 - VfB:WOB - Serhou/Chris

Matchday #6 - KOE:VfB - Deniz/Chris

Matchday #5 - VfB:SVD - Serhou/Enzo

Matchday #4 - M05:VfB - Serhou

Matchday #3 - VfB:SCF - Serhou/Chris

Matchday #2 - RBL:VfB - Serhou

Matchday #1 - VfB:Boc - Serhou/Silas

Pokal Match #1 - TSG:VfB - Enzo/Sehrou

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