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Episode 98 - VfB:WOB ... 3:1 and "I love Stuttgart"!

Photo courtesy of Baumann

In this episode we agree with Serhou that we love Stuttgart ... almost as much as you love this podcast!


Oh well.

Anyway, Part One includes some Shout Outs to the undefeated VfB Frauen, the mystery that is Gil Dias, and the Man - or men? - of the Match, Serhou and Chris.

Part Two is a breakdown of the most recent match - a win! - and the guys add some new intro songs to mimic the continuing good times that is VfB! Along the way the fellas ponder what the heck is happening with the guys in white and red and if this is a new era where the club can play both physical and technical football ... sometimes at the same time. In the end, the match is broken down into four parts - Tiago versus Pascal, the 60' changes by Hoeneß, VAR, and finally the majesty that is the best striker in the Bundesliga, and possibly the entire freaking universe, the one and only Serhou Guirassy. The segment finally wraps up with a final look at the table - the top of the table, mind you - as the international break comes to the Bundesliga.

Part Three's News, Headlines, and Questions include a look at the recruitment of Alex, the gold medal of Woo-Yeong, and the upcoming schedule, from the Bundesliga to the Pokal to international matches, all of which includes a double-match versus Union Berlin as well as a number of players heading to their national teams, including the hottest winger in the league, the one and only Chris Führich. Listener questions are basically one big question - what's what with Serhou and his future - and in an attempt to calm everyone down, the guys lay out the January schedules of VfB, the winter transfer window, and the man of the hour, Serhou, and try to put a positive spin on what the future holds for all three. The segment ends with a guess as to how to celebrate the upcoming 100th episode of America's best - and worst as it turns out - VfB Stuttgart podcast.

Part Four is an admittedly weak attempt at predicting the upcoming match versus Union Berlin, a match that doesn't take place for another two weeks, but a match against a Champions League club that seems to be falling on some hard times of late.


Introduction - 0:00-2:37

Part One - Shout Outs - 2:47-7:38

Part Two - VfB:WOB - 7:48-31:04

Part Three - News, Headlines, & Questions - 31:14-57:58

Part Four - FCU:VfB - 58:08-end

Man of the Match

In the least-shocking development ever, Serhou was named OFC Man of the Match yet again, this time marking his 6th time achieving said award! And congrats to Chris as well, who has seemingly become the "Robin" to Serhou's "Batman," which is never a bad thing!

Matchday #7 - VfB:WOB - Serhou/Chris

Matchday #6 - KOE:VfB - Deniz/Chris

Matchday #5 - VfB:SVD - Serhou/Enzo

Matchday #4 - M05:VfB - Serhou

Matchday #3 - VfB:SCF - Serhou/Chris

Matchday #2 - RBL:VfB - Serhou

Matchday #1 - VfB:Boc - Serhou/Silas

Pokal Match #1 - TSG:VfB - Enzo/Sehrou

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