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Episode 97 - VfB:TSG ... 2:3 and mildly irritated!

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Episode 97 turns out NOT to be episode 100, as we had thought, so that, combined with the disappointing loss to non-derby team TSG Hoffenheim mean there's not much to celebrate.

But we attempt said celebration anyway! Even if we are mildly irritated because of the result on Saturday.

Part One's shout outs include calling out Derek Rae (sorta), continuing to be impressed by the VfB Frauen, and congratulating old friend Gil Dias for sticking around his Polish team!

Part One's shout outs are extended as we visit with the founder of the first regional OFC under the OFC Americana banner, Doug from VfB Youngstown! Doug pops on to tell us why, how, and where he founded the newest VfB OFC in the U.S.!

Part Three breaks down the disappointing - but spirited - match versus regional foe TSG. Along the way the guys anger everyone by chatting derby status, tradition, and then try to break the match down into the three D's - defense, Deniz, and disruption. Yay alliteration!

Part Four is the usual News, Headlines, and Questions, with the main headline being - you guessed it - Serhou's status. Questions, though, are all over the place, ranging from the annoyance level of this loss, the eyebrow-raising substitutions, and Jamie's level of play.

Part Five wraps up episode whatever this is with a look at the two upcoming matches, the home Pokal match versus struggling Union Berlin and then the first ever Bundesliga away match at neighborhood friend FC Heidenheim.

Enjoy a not-so-special episode that's close to 100!

Episode 97

Introduction - 0:00-1:13

Part One - Shout Outs - 1:23-9:06

OFC News - VfB Youngstown - 9:16-19:31

Part Two - VfB:TSG - 19:41-40:29

Part Three - News, Headlines, & Questions - 40:39-56:23

Part Four - VfB:FCU & FCH:VfB - 56:33-end

OFC Man of the Match

Congratulations to Chris, who, despite the loss, took home his first OFC Man of the Match of the season!

Matchday #9 - VfB:TSG - Chris/Deniz

Matchday #8 - FCU:VfB - Silas/Alex

Matchday #7 - VfB:WOB - Serhou/Chris

Matchday #6 - KOE:VfB - Deniz/Chris

Matchday #5 - VfB:SVD - Serhou/Enzo

Matchday #4 - M05:VfB - Serhou

Matchday #3 - VfB:SCF - Serhou/Chris

Matchday #2 - RBL:VfB - Serhou

Matchday #1 - VfB:Boc - Serhou/Silas

Pokal Match #1 - TSG:VfB - Enzo/Sehrou

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