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Episode 96 - VfB:SVD ... 3:1 and it's 1996 all over again!

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The fellas start off yet another victory pod with a look back at what they were doing the last time VfB was off to this great of a start, the glory days of the mid-1990s!

Part One are some shout outs to former VfBers, the VfB frauen, Travis' long-lost VfB kit order, and the newly minted "Non-Sehrou Man of the Match" award recipient!

Part Two is a look back at yet another three point day, the home win over a scrappy Darmstadt club. Thanks to ESPN+ announcer Richard Hartman, the guys spend some time talking mentality and tactics before attempting to dive into what exactly it is that's allowing both the offense and defense to play so well this early in the season.

Part Three's News and Headlines include beer and brat rankings, Porsche money, and a look at what the heck is going on with old friend Sven over in the Netherlands. Yikes. The segment wraps up with some listener questions, including comparing Sehrou to some lesser known striker over in Munich, Sebastian's run of form, and how far can this club go?

Part Four ends with a crazy optimistic look at the next match, an away game against a club that is definitely hungry - much like their beloved billy goat mascot Hennes - for some home cooking.


Introduction - 0:00-1:59

Part One - Shout Outs - 2:09-9:59

Part Two - VfB:SVD - 10:08-32:28

Part Three - News, Headlines, and Questions - 32:37-1:02:51

Part Four - KOE:VfB- 1:03:01-End

Man of the Match

Sehrou ... again! 70% of the OFC gave Sehrou his third straight OFC Man of the Match award while Enzo, who chalked up his second career Bundesliga goal, earned the "Non-Sehrou MotM" award! Congrats fellas!

Matchday #4 - Sehrou/Enzo

Matchday #3 - Sehrou

Matchday #2 - Sehrou

Matchday #1 - Sehrou/Silas

Pokal #1 - Enzo/Sehrou

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