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Episode 95 - M05:VfB ... 1:3 and long may it continue!

Photo courtesy of Baumann

It's yet ANOTHER victory pod and, to paraphrase the hottest goal scorer in the entire Bundesliga, "long may it continue!" Amen Sehrou, amen!

Part One includes shout outs to Matt's favorite carnival rides, Endo returning to say goodbye to his former teammates, and Austin for returning to the podcast!

Part Two is a breakdown of the big away win at Mainz where luck, health, and efficiency all came together to keep VfB at the top of the table for yet another week.

Part Three's News, Headlines, and Questions covers the recent AGM, Silas' body language, and have the recent departures of quality individuals actually helped make a more quality ... team?

Austin, a supporter of VfB's next opponent, headlines Part Four's preview and prediction of the upcoming home match versus recently promoted Darmstadt and provides a prediction that every VfB supporter is going to appreciate.

Like how we appreciate YOU for listening!


Introduction - 0:00-2:51

Part One - Shout Outs - 3:01-13:03

Part Two - M05:VfB - 13:13-32:32

Part Three - News, Headlines, and Questions - 32:42-55:48

Part Four - VfB:SVD - 55:58-end

OFC Man of the Match

Congratulation to Sehrou, who won yet another OFC Man of the Match award, this time with a whopping 100% of the vote!

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