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Episode 94 - VfB:SCF ... 5:0 what is happening?!

The guys start off with some fun math before diving into shout outs, a breakdown of another fantastic home result, taking on the news and headlines of the day, and finally a rather optimistic view of the first match after the international break, an away "affair" at Mainz.


Part One Shout Outs go to the majesty of Fritzle versus KSC's warthog thing, Matt's wagering skills, former VfBers plying their trade in the 2.Bundesliga, Village Footy and VfB Omaha for winning the weekly OFC games, and Sehrou for winning his second consecutive Man of the Match award from the OFC!

Part Two is a look back at the big win versus SC Freiburg, another five goal match, but this time for the good guys in white and red. Key talking points include the defense, Alex's comeback, Chris as a poor-man's Arjen Robben, Sehrou's incredible run of form, Angelo's fantastic start, and Enzo's return. In the end, the fellas celebrate another great match, the fact four players were Player's of the Week, and the amazing job Sebastian has done as the head man since taking over.

Part Three are some goodbyes and hellos as the News and Headlines are dealt with, including a brief goodbye to travelling man Gil and much longer and much more heartfelt goodbye to long-time brustring wearer Borna, who's crosses and emotional goodbye will be remembered fondly for years to come. Hello's are offered to a new defender, a possible new sporting director, and an annual general meeting that could be pretty testy. Part Three ends with listener questions, including answers to whether Chris will ever pass the ball ever again, the offensive player's hunger to score, how Pascal has upped his game, and how long can Sehrou stay in Stuttgart (hint: forever!).

Part Four is a predictably optimistic look at the upcoming match after the break, an away "affair" at Mainz, a club that seems to be our bogey man but a club that VfB has really played well against in recent history.

And both Travis and Matt forgot to talk about the tease - their connection to Green Day - and the status of their kit order. Which means now you have a reason to listen next time! HAHA! We win again!


Introduction - 0:00-1:38

Part One - Shout Outs - 1:48-5:54

Part Two - VfB:SCF - 6:04-35:34

Part Three - News, Headlines, and Questions - 35:44-60:08

Part Four - M05:VfB - 60:18-64:54

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