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Episode 93 - RBL:VfB ... 5:1 and still top(ish) of the table!

Photo: Baumann/Cathrin Müller

Episode 93 is a bit of a reality check for Matt and Travis as the fellas attempt to find some positive in a 5:1 loss on the road.

Part One are some shout outs to made up opponents, old friend Sasa, and current hero Sehrou.

Part Two attempts to break down the loss by looking at the match in three parts - the good (Sehrou!), the bad (the subs), and the oy vey ugly (the defense) - and spending some time on the most veteran player on the team, Borna, and pondering his future with the club.

Part Three deals with news, headlines, and questions, and the guys welcome the new midfielder, Angelo, while answering some listener queries regarding our newest maliagned goalkeeper, Alex.

Part Four ends with a look at the upcoming match, a regional derby versus that club down south, SC Freiburg.

And it all wraps up with some calming words from Camp Counselor Matt!


Introduction - 0:00-1:41

Part One - Shout Outs - 1:51-6:50

Part Two - RBL:VfB - 7:00-28:31

Part Three - News, Headlines, and Questions - 28:41-45:06

Part Four - VfB:SCF - 45:16-554:32

Man of the Match

Congratulations to Sehrou for earning his first OFC award of the new seasons!

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