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Episode 92 - VfB:BOC ... 5:0 and top of the table!

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It's a victory pod as Matt and Travis celebrate VfB's status as not the greatest team in Germany but the greatest team in the entire world after the enormous 5:0 win over Bochum!

Part One consists of shout outs thrown toward Bundesliga Phil, OFC member Sam, and the newest OFC out there, the Ami Brigade!

Part Two breaks down the match - eventually - but first the fellas respond to the departures of two club stalwarts, LegENDO and Dinos, and attempt to give both an emotional and an analytical overview of their time with the club. Admitting that the Bochum win has made their leaving a bit easier to stomach, the guys then move on to the Bochum match and talk the lineup, the goals, and just a fun all-around day.

Part Three is a brief look at some News and Headlines, including the confirmed departure of Luca, the possible departure of Gil, the rumored arrival of certain American defensive players, and if Travis' jersey has shipped from the VfB store yet.

Part Four wraps up episode 92 with a look at the match on the road versus Leipzig, where the guys agree on the score, but disagree on the winning score.



Introduction - 0:00-2:33

Part One - Shout Outs - 2:44-7:10

Part Two - VfB:BOC - 7:20-36:14

Part Three - News & Headlines - 36:24-51:46

Part Four - RBL:VfB - 51:56-59:10

OFC Man of the Match

#1 - Enzo

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