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Episode 90 - 2022/2023 Season Awards!

Is Dino asking Borna which OFC award he's going to win?! Photo: Press photo Baumann/Julia Rahn

In our final episode of the 2022/2023 season, the crew gets together to hand out some OFC awards to the jungundwild for what was both an exciting and (mostly) exhausting season!

In Part One through Three, Rob, Ted, and Hannes pop back on the program to give their thoughts on some of the awards. Rob covers Offensive Player of the Year, Player of the Year, and, possibly most importantly, the Player I'd Like to Have a Beer With! Ted takes on the Newcomer of the Year, Moment of the Year, and that always controversial Best Head of Hair awards. Finally, Hannes shares his views on the Better Luck Next Year player, the Player I Wish Hadn't Departed, and the Low Point of the Year. Which is a perfect segue for Part Four, when Matt and Travis reveal the results of the most anticipated awards show this side of the Oscar Awards!

Award Nominations

Low Point of the Season - Bruno's Run, Bruno's Hire, Sven Leaving, 'Rino Sacked

Better Luck Next Year - Juan, Lilian, Dan-Axel, Luca

Player I Wish Hadn't Departed - Darko, Sasa, Mateo, Naouirou

Former Management Personnel I'd Like to Have a Beer With - 'Rino, Sven, Thomas, Michi

Management Personnel I'd Like to Have a Beer With - Sebastian, Philipp, Sami, Claus

OFC Discord Member of the Year - The Tall Dude, Stephan, Passmaster, David

OFC Twitter Member of the Year - Jens, VfBAmericana, Tim, Matt

Kit of the Year - Home, Away, Third, Special

High Point of the Year - Dino's Relegation Goal, Sebastian Hired, VfB:BVB 3:3, VfBinTexas

Best Head of Hair - Borna, Chris, Tanguy, Bruno

Newcomer of the Year - Josha, Gil, Dan-Axel

Defensive Player of the Year - Hiroki, Waldy, Dino, Wataru

Offensive Player of the Year - Wataru, Borna, Silas, Sehrou

Player I'd Like to Have a Beer With - Dino, Wataru, Borna, Fabian

Player of the Season - Borna, Dino, Sehrou, Wataru


Introduction - 0:00-3:55 Part One with Rob - 4:05-15:39

Part Two with Ted - 15:49-26:30

Part Three with Hannes - 26:40-35:10

Part Four Awards with Matt and Travis - 35:20-1:34:40

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