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Episode 88 - VfB:HSV ... 3:0 and halfway there!

Photo courtesy of ... and we know OFC member David is happy about this moment!

In this episode Matt and Travis throw together an entire episode to try and beat the Monday deadline ... but are so happy with a win they're willing to ruin everyone's ears in the process!

Part One is Shout Outs, which include some praise to Derek Rae and the always impressive - and loud! - home support!

Part Two is a look back at the all-important home match to open the relegation playoffs versus old friend Tim Walter. We chat Tim's head games, lineup surprises, Chris proving he needs to start, Sehrou's redemption, Josha proving the haters wrong, Waldy and Dino being rock solid in the back, the return of Flo, and how this team is just that ... a team!j

Part Three includes News, Headlines, and Questions, in which we consider the return of Timo, trash talking versus Josha, and the signing of Sehrou. Questions are then put forward, including how we may have been lucky to get Hamburg rather than Heidenhem, the fairness of the relegation system, and unrealistically optimistic expectations for the coming season.

Part Four wraps up with predictions for Monday's incredibly important match in which both Travis and Matt are, once again, waaaaaaaay too optimistic for their own liking.

Apologies for some of the sound and the lousy'ness of this episode... we lost power in the Midwest halfway through the episode AND had to scramble to put this together! ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

We probably should have made this one shorter ... but let's celebrate a win when it's a win, eh?!


Introduction - 0-1:25

Part One - Shoutouts - 1:35-9:01

Part Two - VfB:HSV - 9:11-35:34

Part Three - News, Headlines, & Questions - 35:44-47:30

Part Four - VfB:HSV - 47:40-56-49

OFC Man of the Match

Dino wins his 4th OFC award of the season, making OFC member David happier than usual!

Matchday #35 = Dino (4x)

Matchday #34 = Tiago (2x)

Matchday #33 = Chris (2x)

Matchday #32 = Hiroki (5x)

Matchday #31 = Sehrou (4x)

Matchday #30 = Sehrou (3x)

Matchday #29 = LegENDO (3x)

Matchday #28 = Silas (3x)

Matchday #27 = Hiroki (4x)

Pokal #4 = Enzo (3x)

Matchday #26 = Enzo (2x)

Matchday #25 = Enzo

Matchday #24 = Hiroki (3x)

Matchday #23 = Juan

Matchday #22 = Borna (3x) & LegENDO (2x)

Matchday #21 = Borna (2x)

Matchday #20 = Dan-Axel

Matchday #19 = Genki

Matchday #18 = Chris

Matchday #17 = Dino (3x)

Matchday #16 = Sehrou (2x)

Matchday #15 = Ata

Matchday #14 = Dino (2x)

Matchday #13 = Tiago

Matchday #12 = Borna

Matchday #11 = Luca

Matchday #10 = Silas (2x)

Matchday #9 = Hiroki (2x)

Matchday #8 = Dino

Matchday #7 = Hiroki

Matchday #6 = Serhou

Matchday #5 = Waldemar

Matchday #4 = Flo (2x)

Matchday #3 = LegENDO

Matchday #2 = Silas

Matchday #1 = Flo

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