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Episode 79 - FCU:VfB ... 3:0 and time's a ticking...

Photo courtesy of Danny Galm and ZVW.

In episode 79 Matt and Travis lose their race against the clock to try and post an episode while Bruno was still coaching the squad! How's that for planning?!

Part One shout outs include congratulating VfB Central Texas for forming the third OFC in the USA! And then the guys decide to rip on all three cities that actually have OFC's. Whoops.

Part Two covers yet another disappointing match, the loss on the road to FCU, which included initial excitement about the lineup ... that quickly evaporated when the game actually started. The momentum from Heidenheim, the strategy of route one football, the never ending confusion of VAR, and the positive impact of Sehrou are all covered in a thankfully brief recap of yet another road loss.

A lengthier Part Three takes on News, Headlines, and Questions as it's been yet another drama-filled week for the boys in white and red. The so called "klassiker," Sven to Ajax, and data drama are covered while more time is spent on Silas vs Bruno, bakers vs butchers, Bruno vs any other coach on the planet, and upper management vs decision making. Towards the end, the fellas try to give some answers to some great questions, including who may be leaving, what should a new manager try to accomplish, and exactly how delicate are the flowers that are wearing the brustring.

Despite all the negativity, the episode ends rather positively as the upcoming week is broken down, from the Pokal match at Nuremberg to the incredibly important away game at Bochum, and both agree that VfB is totally ready for this week because we've already beaten German Giants FC Heidenheim.


Introduction - 0-1:39

Part One - OFC Shout Outs - 1:49-4:22

Part Two - FCU:VfB - 4:32-19:10

Part Three - News, Headlines, and Questions - 19:20-50:52

Part Four - Predictions - 51:02-end

OFC Man of the Match

Enzo wins his second straight MOTM ... with only four votes over those two matches. WOW!

Matchday #26 = Enzo (2x) Matchday #25 = Enzo Matchday #24 = Hiroki (3x) Matchday #23 = Juan Matchday #22 = No one? Matchday #21 = Borna (2x) Matchday #20 = Dan-Axel Matchday #19 = Genki Matchday #18 = Chris Matchday #17 = Dino (3x) Matchday #16 = Sehrou Matchday #15 = Ata Matchday #14 = Dino Matchday #13 = Tiago Matchday #12 = Borna Matchday #11 = Luca Matchday #10 = Silas (2x) Matchday #9 = Hiroki (2x) Matchday #8 = Dino Matchday #7 = Hiroki Matchday #6 = Serhou Matchday #5 = Waldemar Matchday #4 = Flo (2x) Matchday #3 = LegENDO Matchday #2 = Silas Matchday #1 = Flo

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