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Episode 72 - VfB:SVW ... 0:2 and Walking 500 Miles!

Photo courtesy of STRN

In what turns out to be a pretty bleak deep dive into the most recent match, a lost wager to the Not Easy Being Green podcast guys somehow saves the episode with the help of a catchy late '80s Scottish rock band hit. Because we're just that good.


With that in mind, episode 72 begins with Matt and Travis breaking their long-held tradition of taking 24 hours before commenting on a match to instead let their raw emotions pour over in what is no doubt one of their most negative episodes to date.

Which is saying something!

In Part One, the fellas give shout outs to OFC members, Twitter, and especially the podcast platform Anchor for not allowing live streaming (thank goodness). But along the way, they set the stage for some ... Scottish rock band trivia!

In Part Two, the disappointing loss to Bremen is covered, including topics such as the home support, the lineup change, Dino's mistake(s), and substitutes like good 'ol Chestnut Macaw!


In Part Three, it's News and Headlines time, and the guys get into a heated - and one way - debate with two Stuttgart reporters from SVW who are way more qualified than they'll ever be over the issue of the roster's "quality." In an effort to make the debate as unfair as possible, Travis sets it up in such a way that there's almost no way that he and Matt can lose the debate. ALMOST! Before all is said and done, both go on a rant about the club, Bruno, rumor's regarding 'Rino, and the now infamous banner.

Part Four consists of Question and Answer time, as some great questions are asked about who replaces Sehrou up front, what's Anton doing as RB, and whether VfB is going to survive February, let alone the season. And while the questions may be great, the answers ... well ... not so much.

Part Five is Prediction Time as Bruno and company travel to Freiburg to see if they can earn their first Bundesliga win of the new year and, depending on how you interpret Matt and Travis' predictions, both guys are absolutely positive about VfB's chances!

Who wouldn't walk 500 miles to listen to this?!


Lost Wager Intro Song - 0:00-0:51

Introduction - 0:52-2:28

Part One - OFC Shout Outs: 2:43-5:42

Part Two - VfB:SVW: 5:50-28:03

Part Three - News and Headlines: 28:15-51:39

Part Four - Questions and Answers: 51:52-60:43

Part Five - SCF:VfB Predictions: 60:53-1:07:13

Lost Wager Exit Song: 1:07:13-end

OFC Man of the Match

Newcomer Genki Haraguchi won this week's MOTM award, narrowly beating out ... no one. No, seriously. "No one" garnered the second most votes. Wheeee!

Matchday #19 = Genki

Matchday #18 = Chris

Matchday #17 = Dino

Matchday #16 = Sehrou

Matchday #15 = Ata

Matchday #14 = Dino

Matchday #13 = Tiago

Matchday #12 = Borna

Matchday #11 = Luca

Matchday #10 = Silas

Matchday #9 = Hiroki

Matchday #8 = Dino

Matchday #7 = Hiroki

Matchday #6 = Serhou

Matchday #5 = Waldemar

Matchday #4 = Flo

Matchday #3 = LegENDO

Matchday #2 = Silas

Matchday #1 = Flo

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