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Episode 71 - RBL:VfB, SCP:VfB ... Winning, Losing, and Transferring!

Photo courtesy of Sehrou's Twitter account!

In this episode, we get nostalgic, we reminisce, and we rant! It's an emotional roller coaster!

We start off talking about our favorite #33, Daniel Ginczek, and how he and he alone is responsible for everything from VfB surviving the 2015 season to a random meat shop in Stuttgart to this podcast (so blame him for this nonsense)!

After some creepy stalking of Daniel, the fellas throw out some OFC shout outs and then start Part One by reacting to the recent transfers in and out and ponder how happy Bruno is with all of these changes. The guys then say goodbye to youngster Naouirou Ahamada before saying hello to elder statesman Genki Haraguchi and the football nomad that is Gil Dias.

In Part Three, the fellas break down the loss on the road to RBL before turning to the dramatic Pokal win on the road at Paderborn. Along the way, they rate the status of Enzo, Coulibaly, Kastanaras, and - once again - Flo, where Matt takes the floor to - once again - explain why Flo drives him insane. Travis responds by going on a rant of his own, this time begging for poor Waldy Anton to be moved anywhere on the pitch OTHER than at right back. After all the ranting, the guys calm down and relish in Sehrou's fantastic run of form and conclude by rationally explaining why newbies Genki and Gil are the greatest transfer signings of all-time - ever.

Part Four is the shortest segment ever as news and headlines are covered in about 17 seconds.

Questions are answered in Part Five as both Travis and Matt rejoice in the opportunities that the Pokal represents and ponder who was the best VfB mid-season transfer of the last few seasons. And agree it's obviously ... Gil Dias! Part Five ends with a look at the upcoming match at home versus SVW, an opponent that just happened to be the same opponent nearly a decade ago that brought Matt and Travis' friendship together! Despite that horrific event, and probably thanks to the recent Pokal win, the guys are way more positive about the upcoming match than they probably should be!

In Part Six, co-host Austin makes his valiant return to give us a look at the upcoming matches league-wide and thankfully makes a pick that will warm every VfB supporter's heart.

It's an episode that'll pull at your emotional heart strings!


Introduction: 0:00-1:32

Part One & Two - Shout Outs & Transfer Mania: 1:42-30:45

Part Three - RBL:VfB & SCP:VfB: 30:55-59:49

Part Four - News & Headlines: 59:59-60:46

Part Five - Listener Questions & VfB:SVW Predictions: 60:56-1:09:11

Part Six - Bundesliga Predictions with Auz: 1:09:21-end

OFC Man of the Match

Chris Führich, narrowly besting teammate Endo, took home (figuratively) his first ever OFC MOTM award thanks to his solid play on the road at Leipzig!

Matchday #18 = Chris

Matchday #17 = Dino

Matchday #16 = Sehrou

Matchday #15 = Ata

Matchday #14 = Dino

Matchday #13 = Tiago

Matchday #12 = Borna

Matchday #11 = Luca

Matchday #10 = Silas

Matchday #9 = Hiroki

Matchday #8 = Dino

Matchday #7 = Hiroki

Matchday #6 = Serhou

Matchday #5 = Waldemar

Matchday #4 = Flo

Matchday #3 = LegENDO

Matchday #2 = Silas

Matchday #1 = Flo

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