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Episode 68 - We DO Talk About Bruno!

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In this episode we go overtime to talk about the current state of VfB ... which is, in a word, a state of chaos.

Much like this episode!

In Part One, we get revisit one of our favorite segments, "Help with Hannes," as our Swabian insider gives us some major details on the new hire ... which also happens to be an old hire.


Anyway, Hannes digs into Bruno's past, present, and future, and gives us info regarding our new coach's style of play, who may play and who may sit now that he's the head man, and why so many VfB supporters are so down on his return but ultimately why Hannes believes Bruno will help the club survive the rest of the season.

In Part Two, Jake from 50+ Doner, a completely unbiased Effzeh supporter who has a soft spot for Stuttgart, gives a refreshingly positive outsider's view of VfB's status this season before giving some not-so-positive insight into his former CEO, which is our current CEO, the one and only Alexander Wehrle.


In Part Three, co-host Matt and first time contributor David bring their Michigan and Auburn angst to the program as the group covers Sven's departure, Wehrle's handling of said departure, and how the support may or may not change now that the club has made what seems to be a major shift in philosophy. Before wrapping up, Travis tries to wield his "Sworn Sword of Positivity" (patent pending) as the guys talk Bruno, Stenzel versus Egloff, mistakes, survival versus philosophy, and the awesomeness that is their good friend Adrian.

It's a lengthy, bumpy, and at times depressing episode with just enough brief glimpses of hope to help you see a ray of VfB sunshine in an otherwise cloudy VfB sky!


Part One - Help with Hannes - 0:00-51:00

Part Two - Interview with 50+ Doner - 51:20-1:20:58

Part Three - Headlines & Questions - 1:21:07-2:10:00

Thanks to Encanto: We Don't Talk About Bruno, Uploaded By: Djluna, for the transitions this episode!

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