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Episode 67 - KOE:VfB ... 4:2 and VfBinTexas!

In this episode, Ted and Travis chat up the VfB trip to Texas!

In Part One, after reviewing VfB's reasons for the trip, the guys give a day-by-day break down of what went down, from practice sessions and gatherings on Thursday, to exploring Austin on Friday, to the big match on Saturday! From mingling with Fritzle and Sven to selfies with Dino and Wimmer, the guys relish in the opportunity to meet so many followers of the brustring ... even if their German left much to be desired!

In Part Two, the guys try to analyze whether the trip was a success or if it was a waste of time and resources and surprisingly to absolutely no one, come on the positive side of the ledger!

It may not be super relevant considering the news of Sven that broke today, but ... well ... yeah... neither is this podcast!


Intro - 0:00' - 4:08

Part One - 4:18-55:47

Part Two - 55:57-end

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