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Episode 59 - Looking Back, Forward, and to Texas!

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In episode 59, Josh from the VfB Central Texas supporters group joins us to review the matches so far, preview the matches to come before the World Cup break, and give us some insight on the upcoming friendly scheduled for November in his neck of the woods, Austin, Texas.

In Part One, Josh and Travis talk expectations, chemistry, red cards, points, the table, concerns after seven league matches, positives going forward, and how Flo is saving the season!

In Part Two, Josh and Travis look toward the future and ponder if the international break is a positive or a negative, talk World Cup, how they love the Pokal, and go rapid fire true/false regarding topics ranging from Flo to Rino to Team USA's kit!

In Part Three, Josh gives us some big time insight into what to expect during the friendly in Austin the week of November including areas to stay, bars to visit, things to do, and BBQ to eat!

In a brief Part Four, Travis apologies for cutting Josh off and offers his brief opinion on what the future holds regarding the enormous away match at Wolfsburg.


Introduction - 0:00-4:37

Part One - 4:47-15:30

Part Two - 15:40-39:04

Part Three - 39:14-55:31

Part Four - 55:41-end

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