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Episode 56 - VfB:S04 ... 1:1 and letting SchalkeMerica take over!


In this episode there is no episode!


In an obvious attempt to avoid any work of any kind, we here at VfB Stuttgart Americana let a much better podcast, SchalkeMerica, break down the matchday five home draw as Travis joins along like the third wheel he is!

Listen - and watch! - as Richard, Jack, and Travis celebrate their still winless clubs, share in the dismay that is being a yo-yo team, sing the praises of the hero that is T'rod, and plan how they'll celebrate finishing in their version of 1st place ... 13th. Wheeee!

OFC Man of the Match

Congratulations to Waldy Anton for winning over the OFC voters with his defensive performance last week and being named the OFC Man of the Match!

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