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Episode 55 - KOE:VfB ... 0:0 and goodbye to Sasa!


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In this episode, Jeff and Matt join Travis for the very first time together! After some shared hero worship between Jeff and Matt, the fellas start out by chatting the biggest news of the week - Sasa Kalajdzic's official move to the Premier League - and discuss the striker's departure, his future, and their favorite memories of the tallest forward around!

In Part One, the guys share their thoughts on the scoreless draw at Cologne and have Jeff, the resident 1. FC Köln fan, give his Hennes-colored views on whether Schwabe is the greatest keeper of all-time or if VfB simply can't finish their chances. Before the review is over, discussion topics include red cards, how horizontal stripes are better than vertical stripes, how xG is both a pop band and a soccer stat, and how it's possible that a player for Effzeh could have an active head wound for almost the entire match and not be pulled until he banged up his ankle. Finally, Part Two wraps up with Jeff giving us his views on KOE's future in the coming weeks and months.

In Part Two, Matt and Travis refuse to let Jeff leave and cover some more headlines, confusing Borna Sosa's potential new Italian League team with the NBA's Atlanta Hawks, and answer a question about how toothless the team's attack has been of late.

In Part Three, it's a cautious preview of the huge match at home versus newly promoted Schalke that ends with an ode to old friend Simon Terodde!

Introduction - 0:00-1:35

Headlines - 1:44-16:36

Part One - 16:45-40:03

Part Two - 40:12-47:12

Part Three - 47:12-56:27

OFC Man of the Match

Congratulations to Flo, who won his second OFC MotM award in but four games!

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