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Episode 54 - VfB:SCF ... 0:1 and deja vu!


Photo courtesy of Christian Kaspar-Bartke/Getty Images

In this episode, the gang gets back together to chat about the recent loss to SC Freiburg and look forward to the big match versus Cologne!

In Part One, Matt and Austin, the resident SC Freiburg super fan, discuss father-son relationships, whether Freiburg and Stuttgart are now rivals, respect the play of VfB despite the loss, ponder who was at fault for yet another early goal, name the Philipp Förster Man of the Match, comment on Dr. Brych's "ability," and wrap up with the negatives and positives of VfB both in the present and going forward.

In Part Two, Matt and Travis answer the big VfB questions of the day, including whether Sosa and Sasa have checked out, if German officials know the rules, and what should VfB supporters be more concerned about - the lack of attack or the early goals given up in seven of the last 11 matches.

In Part Three, Jeff joins in to give a KOE view of the upcoming match at Cologne and tells us why we as VfB supporters should be optimistic!

Part One - 0:00-32:27

Part Two - 32:37-53:40

Part Three - 53:50-end

The OFC VfB Stuttgart Americana Man of the Match

Despite a low voting turnout, we still wish to congratulate Captain Wataru Endo on being named our Man of the Match! And congrats to third place finisher, Fritzle! Yeah...

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