VfB Stuttgart Americana, a VfB fan podcast

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Lacking any official standing or any actual insider information, we're simply a group of Bundesliga fans ... 3000+ miles away from the actual Bundesliga.


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Unprofessional, uninformed, and unprepared!


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An S.C. Freiburg supporter, Auz also follows F.C. Empoli in Serie A (and often B), the New Orleans Saints, the St. Louis Blues, the Washington Nationals, and, to complete his rainbow sports fandom, the Utah Jazz.  One of the top rec league free agent soccer players on the NorCal rec league adult soccer market, he's also a member of two of NorCal's most exclusive clubs, the UGC and the Attic.   When not mastering logistics, he can be found golfing ambidextrously on many a NorCal golf course.
Twitter: @U_SCF_Society



A long time supporter of VfB Stuttgart who is the only member of the group to have actually entered the inner sanctum of Mercedes-Benz Arena, Matt is also a fan of the Green Bay Packers, A.F.C. Ann Arbor, and perhaps most of all, the NHL's very own Detroit Red Wings.  When not protecting the IT systems of America, Matt spends many a Saturday pulling for his beloved University of Michigan to beat "that state down south."
Twitter: @SailRacer



A member of 1. FC Köln and a fan of each and every Hennes, Jeff is also a lifetime member of the Morecambe F.C. Shrimps Trust. An avid N.F.L. fan, he also follows the San Francisco 49ers and can, on occasion, tell you the Sacramento Kings and/or Oakland A's score.  When not saving lives as a Murse or explaining how instant replay & VAR have ruined sports, he can be found with cribbage board in hand in search of the elusive 29 point hand. 
Twitter: @HennesLover



A long-time card-carrying member of VfB Stuttgart, Travis is also a lifetime member of the Morecambe F.C. Shrimps Trust.  His ambivalence toward the Cleveland Browns and disinterest in most other domestic professional sports has led to a steady improvement in his Tipp-Kick skills.  When not teaching or coaching distance runners, he can be found on various northeastern Ohio tennis courts trying to serve and volley his way to rec league tennis glory. 
Twitter: @HazelFisch