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Scroll down to meet the members of OFC VfB Stuttgart Americana!


Jens (Texas)

Favorite Current Player: Mavropanos

Fav All-Time Player: Mario Gomez

Fav Memory: The Winning Goal in 21/22 Season that kept us alive for another year in the top flight! And many many more!

Position: Right Midfielder

Other: Born in Germany, became a Stuttgart Fan in 2001 since Michael Meusch slowly transformed me into one. Use to Work and live in Stuttgart and worked at the VfB Clubrestaurant. And now I been living in Texas since 2007! 


Walter (Pennsylvania)

Fav Current Player: Captain Wataru Endo

Favorite All-Time Player: Jurgen Klinsmann

Fav Memory: Watching the team go on to become German Champions in 1984 while I was living in Bad Canstatt as a Chief Apprentice!!

Position: Goalie


Matt (Michigan)

Favorite Current Player: Wataru Endo

Fav All-Time: Christian Genter

Fav Memory: Touring the Mercedes-Benz Arena and walking down to the dugout with Metallica turned up to 11 on the stadium sound system.

Position: Center Back

Quote: "You can never/always trust a Florian."


Doug (Ohio)

Favorite Current Player: Dino Mavropanos

Fav All-Time Player: Dino!

Fav Memory: Watching Endo score in added time to save the 2021-2022 season. Also, getting to be a guest on the VfB Stuttgart Americana podcast for the Hinrunde review episode. 

Position: Forward

Other: I chose Stuttgart as my Bundesliga team because it's the closest team to where my family came from in Germany (Geradstetten). Watching Ted Lasso is what got me interested in watching! soccer, and a close friend suggested picking a team in the Bundesliga. 


Timothy (North Carolina)

Fav current player: Dino

Favorite All-Time Player: Guido Buchwald

Fav memory: Mother was born and raised in Stuttgart. Visited every summer from 85 to 92

Position: Central Defense


Travis (Ohio)

Favorite Current Player: Waldy Anton

Fav All-Time Player: Daniel Ginzcek

Fav Memory: Attending my first match in Mercedes-Benz Arena and watching Daniel Ginzcek score the equalizer versus HSV in the spring of 2018!

Position: Right Striker, Martin Harnik style

Fun Fact: I proudly own a Georg Niedermeier kit!


Jeff (California)

Favorite Current Player: Fabian Bredlow
Fav All-time Player: Simon Terodde

Fav Memory: Watching VfB beat my beloved Hennes to stay in the league on matchday 34 even though Schwabe played the game of his life!

Position: Striker

Fun Fact: I'm actually an 1. FC Köln supporter for 16 of the other 17 matchdays!  Sorry!

Members Gallery: As Seen In

Josh (Texas)

Favorite Current Player: Konstantinos Mavropanos 

Fav All-Time Player: Timo Hildebrand 

Fav Memory: Growing up in Stuttgart, Arkansas, USA, I naturally gravitated toward VfB when the love of the beautiful game captivated me in my early teens on the back of a Brandi Chastain 1999 Women's World Cup-winning penalty for USA. I then explored other cultures & leagues, living out more victorious moments vicariously. VfB were hot in the early 2000s, & I remember attempting to emulate Kevin Kurányi's goatee!

Position: Attacking Midfield

Other: I enjoy collecting jerseys, stickers, & collectible posters & I have been to a couple of World Cups!


David (Georgia)

Favorite Current Player: Dinos! (my large Greek son)

Fav All-Time Player: Nico Gonzalez

Fav Memory: Travelling to Austin, TX and meeting up with so many other members of the OFC (and Dinos!) ... I made some lifelong friends on that trip. After that, LegENDO's goal against Koln.

Position: Holding Midfielder

Other: Studied in Swabia in 1996. Became a Stuttgart fan then, but have really come into my own as a fan within the last five years. Oh, and War Damn Eagle!

Image by Matt Walsh

Alex (Texas)

Favorite Current Player: Endo
Fav All-time Player: Cacau

Fav Memory: When I was in college, cutting class (shhh don't tell anyone) to watch the VfB vs. Barcelona game back at my apartment with some friends. It wasn't the result we wanted (lost 2-0 at home), but it was just so cool that my team (one that no one had ever really heard of here) was going toe to toe with Barca in the Champions League. It was a hugely prideful moment for me. 

Position: Holding Midfield


Tyler (Minnesota)

Favorite Current Player: Borna Sosa

Fav All-Time Player: My first love, Daniel Didavi!

Fav Memory: My first (and only) VfB match - a friendly against Sonnenhof Gro√üaspach back in 2016. I was studying abroad at the time and my exchange family brought me to this match. I instantly fell in love and haven't looked back since!

Position: Defensive Mid

Image by Matt Walsh

Erik (Kentucky)

Favorite Current Player: Endo

Fav All-Time Player: Mario Gomez

Fav Memory: First (and only) match that I attended on the first match day of 2015. Seeing the atmosphere and the Canstatter Kurve tifo was one of favorite soccer memories ever.

Position: Center Back

Other: Unfortunately there is no relation to the Rieger advertisements at the VfB games to me (or else I would hope it could lead to some free tickets every once in a while!)


Jeff (Illinois)

Favorite Current Player: Endo

Fav All-Time Player: Boka

Fav Memory: Winning the title in 2007.  Seeing my first match live in Stuttgart in 2009.

Position: Center Midfielder

Members Gallery: As Seen In
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